Training, aquatic treadmill and holistic services for your pet!

Training in your home or our facility!

Training classes start every week! We service the greater Cincinnati area.

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Welcome to Positive Paws. We have always loved working with people and animals. We provide services for
  • Aquatic Treadmill
  • TTouch
  • Reiki balancing
  • Animal communication.
  • Training

We can help you with behaviors such as these . . .
  • Puppy issues, house training, mouthing/nipping, chewing, come, alone training, and car rides.
  • Dogs’ rude manners such as jumping, barking, leash pulling, digging, chewing, begging, rushing the door when the door bell rings, and counter surfing.
  • Behavior issues for aggression, shyness, fear, and anxiety.
Why call a professional trainer from Positive Paws?
You could learn to speak Spanish on your own. You can also hire a professional to help you master the language quicker. Hiring Positive Paws for your dog is no different. Our trainer’s experience and knowledge of canine behavior provide you with effective results.
We have programs that fit into your busy schedule!
  • Private sessions in your home or our facility!
  • Classes scheduled for evenings and Saturdays.
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We don’t remember the days. . . .but we remember the moments! Meet some students!

Saucy . . . I just want to please you.

Squirt . . . Happy happy all the time.

Gracie . . . Yes, I am a princess.

Brook . . . I am special.

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