Day Club Training

Are you busy or over whelmed with training?
See results faster by letting us do the work for you!

Day Club Training

A professional trains your dog while you are at work and all you have to do is enjoy the results. This wonderful program is fast and effective for unwanted behavior such as jumping up, barking, pulling on leash and basic manners. This program teaches your dog to behave in every day life situations. . . not just in the class room.

Is Day Club Training for your dog?

This program is good for any one who has limited time to spend for training and wants to see results.

  • Puppy training such as chewing, manners and problem prevention.
  • Dog training for jumping up, pulling on leash, etc.
  • Behavior Issues for barking, chasing bikes and children.


How does Day Club Training Work?
  • We start with a private session to discuss your goals and set up a program just for you.
  • Set up a schedule to fit your busy schedule for the training.
  • Start the training sessions using your goals.
  • The number of sessions is determined by your goals.
  • We obtain your goals and show you how to apply in everyday life!


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