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I am co-shelter manager at a local Cincinnati shelter. We are very thankful to have Carla from Positive Paws helping us with our dogs at the shelter. She holds fun training classes and helps us with some of our more challenging dogs. She is very good at showing us (as shelter workers) how to handle the dogs properly and teaching us how to be calm around them which is very important in a shelter environment. Carla cares a lot about helping all dogs be the best they can be! She has worked wonders with our dogs! Thanks, Carla!

Kathy Wiebell, Cincinnati, OH
Is your dog shy, hyper, or out of control?
“Call to have a well-behaved family member!”
  • Training for everyday life situations.
  • Small classes to ensure individual attention for all.
  • Private sessions and we teach you.
  • Board and training. . . we do the work for you.
  • Dog club. . . we train your dog while you are at work.
  • Individual programs for dogs who are aggressive, and/or fearful or have any unwanted behavior.
We treat each pet and family as an individual.

We treat each dog as an individual by observing you and your dog and giving you direction that will help you succeed. What works for one dog may not work for another. An example of that would be one dog only jumps up on people to greet them while another jumps up and then grabs the clothes. We would handle that situation as an individual issue for each family. Our classes are designed to give you the attention required.

Notes from the students!