Animal Communication

Animals have so much to teach us…all we have to do is listen!

When I heard about Carla and her gift of understanding and telepathically communicating with animals, I signed up for her Animal Communication class, unsure where it would lead me. Her ability amazes me. She has demonstrated this gift when she evaluated my dog for behavior modification strategies. In class she teaches that you can reconnect with nature and speak with your pets. By visualizing pictures in my mind, I can get my dogs to physically do various things. I can get pictures from her dog and mine also which show me what animals are thinking. If you want to make a closer connection with your pets, Carla’s Animal Communication class will give you a taste of how to do it.

Kathie Walmsley Cincinnati, OH

Blaze, thank you for teaching me
the true meaning of unconditional love.

Aimee, a master teacher in canine form,
she taught me more than I could ever teach her!

I have always had a close connection, love and respect for animals and have been communicating with them all my life. After one of my canines “Blaze” was having medical issues, I decided to pursue connecting and balancing her on a higher level. I have enhanced my skills under the direction of Judy Braucher, a well-know communicator. I specialize in behavior issues and balancing.

There are many ways we can communicate with animals, but it all boils down to one thing….relationship. This means communicating in an honest and loving manner. As we open up to the energy of “all life”, we open ourselves to instant relationship.


What is a communication consult?

During the communication consult some common questions asked are:

  • What is causing the undesirable behavior?
  • How does your body feel? Any imbalance?
  • Do you have a message or any advice for me?
  • What is your purpose?
  • Is my animal ready to pass over?

You can also use this time to convey a message or information to your animal(s).

Communication Workshops

4 week course $225.00
All of us have the ability. It is a matter of opening the door to those senses and using them daily. When you recognize animals as fellow spiritual beings with their own unique qualities and gifts, you will open the channel that allows communication to flow. This class is a 4 week class with each session lasting approximately two hours.

Notes from the students!

I have studied under Carla. I learned telepathic animal communication. Carla taught me how to send visual pictures when i want to communicate with my animals. With Carla’s gifted knowledge, patience and guidance I am also able to feel the energy of he sycamore tree. Thank you, Carla, for all your help and guidance. You are a wonderful teacher.

Gail Connelly Cincinnati, OH