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Using positive reinforcement doesn’t mean lack of manners.

There is a common myth from the training world that using the clicker and “giving dogs cookies all the time” just makes dogs indulgent and spoiled, thus leading to a host of behavior problems.

Reinforcements are everywhere and animals are exposed to them all the time. It can be a cookie or getting to petted while your dog is sitting.

We can use them to our advantage or we can spend a large portion of our time fighting the influence they have on the animals’ behavior.

We need to set limits just as effectively as those trainers that condone corrections. So how does this all work?

Step 1.
Teach your dog or puppy to sit using the clicker and then treating. When our dog or puppy is sitting on a regular basis you are ready to go to step 2.

Step 2.
Have your dog or puppy sit. Pet him while he is sitting. He gets up out of the sit and you stop petting him and walk away. When you walk away you are setting a limit. This will speak volumes to your dog or puppy. If you want my attention you must sit.

An example of setting a limit could be your dog or puppy must sit before petting, or putting on the leash to go for a walk.

Make the training limits for your dog or puppy fit into your family life style.
Be creative and think of ways you can set up limits for your dog or puppy.